Add external storage (cloud, ...) using RCLONE

  • If not done already, install rclone following this instructions
  • You can now configure the access to one of the supported cloud storage (complete list here)
    • e.g. if you want to have local/posix access to your google drive files you should follow this guide
      • pay attention to answering no when prompted with "Use auto config?", expecially if you are running on a remote host
  • You can now mount locally any of the supported cloud storage using rclone mount as shown here

Monitor the resources

Target: amministratori del deployment

A monitoring page will be available for each deployment on the port 3000. The metrics are collected using Prometheus technology and then exposed through Grafana dashboards.

It will show, by default, 3 Grafana dashboards:

  • VM level metrics: CPU, Memory, Network and many other

  • Docker containers metrics: resource consumption by container mainly

  • If a GPU is available, also a dashboard with GPU usage and temperature will be shown

Snapshot the VMs

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