Job submission can be direct using the HTCondor batch system from the UIs or via Grid middleware from an UI that can be located anywhere.

In the latter case authentication and authorization are by default managed through Virtual Organizations (VO) [12]. To became member of the VO, the user needs a personal certificate and has to enroll on a VOMS Server.

Some examples of VOs hosted in CNAF VOMS servers (they are all replicated in another site, usually in Padua or Naples) are:

Information about VOs can be found at:


The job submission middleware installed at CNAF Tier1 is HTCondor. The infrastructure consists of:

  • a submit node for submission from local UIs (HTCondor 23 cluster, current).
  • a submit node for submission from local UIs (HTCondor 9 cluster, decommissioned).
  •,,,,,, 6 computing elements for grid submission.
  • 1000 worker nodes.

From a UI, the user can submit a job to the submit node, which then deals with the routing to the central manager, responsible for dispatching the jobs to the worker nodes.

HTCondor docs and guides are available here [6][7].

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